Project Description

Trangie-Nevertire Co-operative Limited applied to receive funding under the Australian Government’s Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP) by trading water for on-scheme works. $115,000,000 was granted, anticipating reductions of the significant seepage losses this scheme was experiencing, and improved water management while maintaining on farm productivity.

Project Brief: Construction of a secure 250km stock and domestic pipeline system, plus modernisation and rationalisation of scheme irrigation channels – notably the re-shaping and lining of nearly 160km of water delivery channels.

Lining product choice was down to EPDM Rubber Membrane and a Cement Polymer system. Two ~6000sqm installation trials were conducted in April 2011. Lining Solutions as Australia’s distributor of Firestone EPDM membrane teamed with installation agents Irribiz, successfully establishing the product. Firestone EPDM membrane was chosen to complete the channel modernisation due to speed of installation, local support and backing of its major multi-national manufacturer, including their 20yr warranty.

Through tender Macmahon Adasa Joint Venture were selected as prime contractor, completed design and began construction in March 2012. The first lining was done by Irribiz in May 2012.

Installation continued in 2013 with lining installation teams achieving up to 20,000m2 installed per day. Special methods and tools are used to achieve these rates, developed in response to Firestone’s installation specifications, the large scale of the project and its deadlines.

Lining Solutions developed and implemented a detailed quality inspection system. Contracted to undertake all quality assurance inspections of EPDM lining works as required by Firestone, our system facilitates the approval of the product warranty. Our daily role comprises consultation and monitoring of all parties (principal, earthworks & subcontractors) – regarding design specification and quality assurance requirements, testing and reporting.

As the project progresses and takes form, our function in ensuring the lining is qualified and warranted is integral in the overall objective. The plan for modernisation, in particular the transformation of the irrigation channels, is proving to be an evolutionary transition. From the past 40 years of volatile water supply in the Trangie Nevertire district, to a contemporary system securing a sustainable future for this community.

The TNIS presently services an area of 125,000 hectares, of which approximately 17,000 hectares has irrigation infrastructure. The scheme services over 90 properties, with 66 co-holders in a general security water access licence. An additional water access licence exists with 21 high security stock and domestic water co-holders.

Brief Statistics

  • Number of farms served – 66
  • Area served (total acreage of properties) – 101, 984ha
  • Irrigated area – 21,540ha
  • Length of main channel – 209km
  • Subsidiary delivery channels – 35.5km
  • Crops grown under irrigation – coarse grains, cotton, oil seeds, wheat, pasture, lucerne & vegetables
  • Annual additional production attributable to irrigation on this scheme – $35 million
  • Total cost of construction of scheme in 1971 – $1.1 million