Project Description

Lining Solutions clients, AIS Greenworks, have been working with Nora Valley Developments (NVD) since stage one of their developments. Originally, prior to our clients engagement, NVD had installed a sand bed, plastic lined dam which was labour intensive and expensive due to the preparation of the sand bed base, not to mention difficult to repair. The requirement for supply, installation and warranties to be centralised and managed by one contact also led to the NVD team to look for a new solution.

The Solution
After consultation with the clients regarding volume requirements, water sources and available space, Lining Solutions offered the solution of a 7560m2 Firestone Geogard 1.14mm EPDM lined dam with A34 Geofabric. The dam spans 80m x 80m and is 3m at its deepest point. The EPDM membrane was chosen due to its fast installation time, which was of great benefit when it came time to installation in a heavy rainfall area. Also of influence was the considerable safety benefits of the EPDM.

Firestone EPDM is non slip when wet, and is easy to repair which makes it ideal to use for this project where any repairs can be carried out by the owner. Firestone EDPM’s long life span, and 20 year warranty, allows for a high return on investment, and its flexibility to be able to quickly seal around pipes and other extrusions like concrete structures made it the ideal product choice.

The existing plastic lined dam was also repaired and modified using all EPDM accessories from Firestone. Above all, the end user opted for a more robust product that was subsequently more economical than the previous installation, considering the size difference, this was a great win for all involved.

With the theory applied and the decision made, our team installing the dam lining was, after 25mm of rain on the night of day 1, only on site for three days in July of 2014. Our seven installation team members have vast experience in dam and channel lining in varying locations and elements, which helped them get the job finished and tested with minimal fuss and disruption to existing site works Nora Valley Developments and AIS Greenworks were, and still are, extremely happy with the end result.

Quality Assurance
Lining Solutions developed and implemented a detailed quality inspection system. Lining Solutions carried out all quality assurance inspections of channel preparation and EPDM lining works, as required to ensure Firestone’s 20 year product guarantee, which included consultation and monitoring of all parties involved in TNIS. Lining Solutions air lance testing (ASTM D 4437) of every lining seam in the channel ensured increased and guaranteed consistent installation quality and in turn exceptional lifetime longevity.

Exceptional Longevity
Firestone Building Products has been in the lining business for over 40 years. Projects installed 40 years ago are still functional and are living proof of this durability. For further information regarding Firestone EPDM Geomembrane, contact Lining Solutions

Lifetime Benefits
Among the reasons for choosing Firestone EPDM Geomembrane were the benefits the project will see postconstruction. The EPDM Geomembrane has unyielding durability thanks to its excellent UV, fire and puncture resistance. In addition, safety concerns are minimized due to its tactile, flexible surface and higher friction angle, allowing people and animals to escape more easily from the dam. Maintenance time and costs are reduced due to the ease of repairs using the QuickSeam sealing system and Firestone accessories, rather than having to use inconvenient, high-risk power sources for welding. The high quality of Firestone products backed by a 20 year warranty all permit confidence in product success.

Brief Statistics

  • Purpose – Greenhouse Irrigation
  • Irrigated Area – 2ha
  • Dimensions – 80m x 80m
  • Depth – 3m at its deepest
  • Total Surface Area – 7560m2