Project Description

Flannery’s Flume was an existing piece of infrastructure in Kerang which forms as part of the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation Delivery System. This project involved the lining of the existing flume as an upgrade to the concrete structures ability to hold water.¬†Concrete seams over the life of the flume had begun to leak and the concrete surface itself became degraded.

A geofabric cushion layer was used between the EPDM and the bare concrete and the 1.52mm Firestone GeoGard EPDM Geomembrane was then mechanically anchored to the structure. Anchor strips were fully sealed with SA flashing overlay.

The large membranes as shipped, meant that only a single seam was needed meaning installation time could be kept to a minimum. Leading edges were fully bonded with BA2004 and attached with heavy duty anchor bars and extra sealing provided with SA flashing overlay as per the above.

The tight installation deadline allowed for on this project was achieved and the job was installed in only 8 days from start to finish.