Our Certified Agents & Installers

agents-installers1We are linked with a number of reputable and proven EPDM installers and are always on the lookout for new agents and installers to grow our business with us. The installation of EPDM can be labour intensive and Lining Solutions is able to offer certified Firestone training to all or just a few members of your team of installers. We are also able to provide ongoing technical assistance and guidance at any stage of installation.

Our current installers are highly reputable and skilled, having proved their services on our major projects they are the first point of call if looking for skilled services for your project.

Irribiz  – Based in New South Wales they are the specialist suppliers of Irrigation Equipment all over Australia.

Pond Lining Systems LTD – A New Zealand Company specialising in installing Firestone GeoGard EPDM both in New Zealand and in Australia, experienced in lining most applications both big and small. There strong work ethics and ultra, efficiency enable them to line up to 35,000m2 of Irrigation channels per day.

Certified Firestone Training

training[1]While existing qualified installers will complete your Lining Project to the best possible standard, you yourself can become a certified Firestone Installer.

If you want to set up your own installation business or to assist other installers or work on your own project, Lining Solutions experienced Firestone Consultants are able to offer Certified Firestone Training and all the tools required to complete your project or carry out maintenance.

In turn using trained Firestone staff on your installations facilitates Firestones product warranty and ensures the highest quality installations.