Lining Solutions Story

Our business is Lining Solutions. Our superior product, Firestone EPDM Geomembrane, is a rubber liner offering a flexible and durable solution for agricultural, industrial and commercial applications. Appointed for dependable performance in demanding environments, it’s perfectly suited to channels, landfill capping, tank lining, effluent ponds, reservoirs, lakes, lagoons & ponds.

In July 2011, Lining Solutions became an Australian Distributor for Firestone Building Products. Securing the backing of a multibillion-dollar international corporation for the introduction and extended warranty support of unparalleled lining geomembranes into this country.

Lining Solutions provides specification and design assistance to engineers and clients to best apply EPDM, making the most of its excellent features and ensuring the best possible outcome. Our role involves consultation, monitoring and analysis at all operational levels, offering our innovative Quality Assurance Management System and overseeing the full scope of lining works to facilitate approval of the Firestone product warranty.

Our key 2013 reference projects comprised the highest standard of channel liner installation plus CQA of over 1,000,000m2/over 70km of EPDM in NSW’s Central West. Simultaneously between two installing agents, four locations, three earthmoving companies and under strict Federal WHS systems and supervision.

Lining Solutions:

  • Provides technical support to best apply EPDM & take full advantage of its excellent features
  • Specialised experience will ensure maximum water savings on your lining project
  • Professional technical support, advice & our innovative Quality Assurance system – backed by Firestone’s extended product warranty
  • Provides Firestone training to installers, engineers, designers and specifiers
  • Keeps stock of materials and accessories in regional areas

Firestone GeoGard EPDM Lining

Firestone GeoGard isa high quality EDPM rubber liner offering many advantages over competitor products its durable, flexible and easy to install.

Firestone are a major multi-national manufacturer with over 100 year’s expertise in quality rubber production. Firestone’s EPDM rubber is already used worldwide under the brand names PondGard which is used in landscaping, for predominantly lining residential ponds and RubberGard which is used in roofing, mainly for lining large industrial roofs. PondGard and RubberGard EDPM naturally lends itself to the irrigation lining market under the brand name GeoGard. GeoGard is highly applicable to be used for water containment and can be used in nearly every application, including local irrigation channels, dams or effluents.  It is also suitable for use in mining and extractive industries.

Used worldwide GeoGard’s main use is to replace plastic dam and pond liners. One of its first uses was in hot, Southern Spain in 1973 to line a 12,000sq metre irrigation dam. The dam is still in service today, demonstrating 40 years of proven performance in the Irrigation industry.

Lining Solutions QA Services

Lining Solutions are first and foremost a certified Firestone Distributor however we are able to offer a much more all-encompassing service to our customers.

Lining Solutions is able to offer a fully inclusive service from the initial conception of a project through to its design and to the finished installation, no matter the application or its size. Lining Solutions provides:

  • Specification and design assistance to engineers and clients.
  • Advice and consultation on site implementation and logistics.
  • Consults, monitors and analyses each stage of each operating stage of rubber installation.
  • Provides a Quality Assurance Management System which tests each stage of installation to gain the best installation results.
  • Lining Solutions specialises in supply and delivery and storage in regional areas of Firestone GeoGard product and related accessories.
  • Lining Solutions helps facilitate Firestones 20 year product warranty by carrying out rigorous, Quality Assurance Methods to ensure Firestones strict quality guidelines are followed at each stage of installation.

Lining Solutions QA Methods

Lining Solutions developed and implemented a detailed quality inspection system to ensure any lining project completed can be of the highest quality and guaranteed to last .

Lining Solutions is able to carry out all quality assurance inspections at each stage of application from initial preparations to the completed EPDM lining works. Lining Solutions specialists meet with and consult and monitors each of the parties involved in the Lining process to ensure the best outcome. The rigorous analysis and testing of each stage of the EPDM lining works completed ensures Firestone’s 20 year product guarantee.

Lining Solutions carries out a visual inspection and air lance testing (ASTM D 4437) of every EPDM lining seam whether it be on a dam, channel, landfill or effluent pond. The close inspection ensures guarantees increased and consistent installation quality and in turn exceptional lifetime longevity.